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What are the benefits of using a remote floor grinder? Can improve the efficiency of floor construction?

What are the benefits of using a remote floor grinder? Can improve the efficiency of floor construction?
 The flooring industry is moving towards smart and environmental protection, the promotion and popularization of environmentally friendly processes and materials in the industry, and the continuous development and innovation of intelligent floor grinding machines. Nowadays, the product types have become increasingly abundant, including driving, remote control and driving. Other types, while KAIDA continues to develop and innovate and upgrade, the current drive and remote control technology is very mature. As one of the intelligent achievements, the remote-controlled floor grinder is a construction method that further liberates the hands of the workers after the liberation of the labor force and realizes the remote grinding operation.
  [Remote floor grinder]
  1, intelligent grinding - remote control
  The remote-controlled floor grinder realizes the remote control operation within 100 meters on the basis of driving the self-propelled advancement, liberating the workers' hands from the machine handle, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the workers, making the construction easier, and solving the big machine push The problem of moving and pushing is difficult, and the ground grinding effect can be observed in multiple directions and angles.
  2, precision grinding
  The remote-controlled floor grinder has a fixed-speed cruising function. The walking speed can be freely adjusted from 0-25m/min. As long as the parameters are set, different operators can achieve a consistent grinding effect, and one day can be calculated according to the formula. The amount of work.
  3, efficient grinding
  The remote-controlled floor grinder has a weight of up to 555KG, a working width of 800MM, a “branding” upgrade of machine components, high efficiency and low failure rate; and intelligent grinding reduces labor intensity, improves worker motivation and construction efficiency.
  4, ramp grinding
  The remote-controlled floor grinder can still achieve the fixed-speed cruise function within 25 degrees, which is convenient for climbing and lifting of the remote-type floor grinder, and the floor construction is safer and more reliable.
  5, dust-free grinding
  The remote-controlled floor grinder is equipped with a floating dust cover to reduce the generation of dust, and it can be constructed with high-power industrial vacuum cleaners to achieve dust-free grinding and dust removal, creating a dust-free and healthy working environment for the floor people.
  Intelligent remote floor construction method not only reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also improves the efficiency of floor construction through the improvement of manpower, time and the enthusiasm of workers, and the dust-free construction floor construction process is to create dust-free Kang's construction environment makes workers work healthier, easier and happily!


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